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Boheme Salon

Christina Reeves



I haven’t done this in a while, so allow me to introduce myself! I am totally stoked to be a stylist! I love my profession and super love making empowering women and making them feel beautiful!

I consider my specialty to be in balayage and blonde babes!  I love the beauty industry because it’s ever changing and there’s always something new to learn about!

Also I LOVE talking to people, hence my background in psych (USC: Go Gamecocks!)  And yes I will be your {hair & self care} therapist! 

I am a proud mother of an oh so handsome SILVER LAB! Oakley is 3 years old! Random fact, but he has one green and one blue eye! He is perfect!

TRAVEL & ADVENTURE is my life! ALL I want is to travel as much as I can and to where ever possible with whoever possible! 

Lastly I’m so thankful for great family, friendships, and mentors! If you know me, well I’ve had a few obstacles to overcome the last couple years but hey, don’t we all and I’ve ended up a better, stronger person! So let’s all be good humans, you never know what battle someone else is fighting!