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Boheme Salon

Hello friend!

We are a holistic lifestyle salon retreat designed by owner and creator Allison Williamson, the visionary behind Bohème Salon. 

We are first and foremost about natural care and holistic beauty, and strive to make our guests feel healthy and beautiful inside and out by using only natural organic products and rituals and by creating a holistic haven that inspires passion and empowerment to everyone who takes a seat in one of our chairs. 

Our goal is to give every guest a look they love with an uplifting experience that inspires them to be their best, beautiful self. 

“Passion is a funny thing - something inside you speaks to you often, guiding and directing you to what you are truly meant to become… My passion to serve women in my community and redirect the image of beauty has brought me here, owning a business that helps women feel good. Find what speaks to you from within and run with it.” - Allison 

We look forward to meeting you soon - become part of our Bohème vibe tribe today!


The best for your body with all-natural organic, plant-based products and color.

Your skin absorbs what you put on your body, so the products used on your head matter. We're all about creating beauty with what mamma earth gave us – our holistic beauty approach isn’t just a good look, it’s good for you too! We serve our guests with the highest quality ingredients on the market, using all-natural organic, plant-based holistic products and rituals to give you the hair you want without polluting your body or our water. We have natural, effective products for every hair type and our color is free from Ammonia, PPD, Resorcinol and Gluten giving you luscious locks that are not only incredibly shiny and luminous but healthy too! 



A selection of specially crafted, inspiring services to meet your unique beauty.

We like to keep things fun at the salon, and our service names reflect the heart of every unique experience that Bohème Salon has to offer. We offer a range of holistic services to meet your unique beauty needs, using of course only natural organic products and rituals. Nothing boosts confidence like a gorgeous new look you can feel good about inside and out, and our super talented stylists can help you find the option that best suits you. We make it easy too - you can check out our services and book online here - services listed have a full description of what each appointment includes, making booking fast and simple.


A relaxing vibe with a talented tribe to take care of you – and your well-being.

We strive to provide a sustainable, full holistic experience to all our guests, and that doesn’t stop at just hair! We encourage self-nourishment and at Bohème Salon you get more than a gorgeous new ‘do – you also get a new attitude, more confidence and a chance to chill for a minute (or a couple hours!). We strive to fulfill all the senses and have crafted a calm, relaxing atmosphere where you can enjoy fantastic beauty inside and out with our natural organic products, incredible local talent, fun vibes and great company, as well as complimentary snacks and beverages.